Homeowners' Associations and Solar Installations in the Commonwealth of Virginia: A Review of Relevant Law and Solar Benefits to Homeowners

In recent years, Virginia homeowners have increasingly expressed frustration regarding restrictions by Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) on rooftop solar installations. This educational report on HOA rooftop solar law and benefits is intended for those homeowners and HOAs wrestling with this issue. It provides guidance on relevant laws and the type of restrictions that may be imposed by HOAs on solar.

A home with rooftop solar panels that are HOA approved

This report addresses Virginia laws relevant to the issue of HOA restrictions on rooftop solar installations. The most important law on the topic allows HOAs to adopt “reasonable” restrictions to limit rooftop solar. In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly enacted crucial amendments to this law.  The law now provides for quantitative benchmarks to determine whether an HOA’s restrictions are reasonable. Our report concludes that HOAs have limited ability to restrict rooftop installations. In instances where disputes proceed to litigation, Virginia law allows homeowners to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Finally, this report includes a broader discussion on property rights in the HOA context and HOA restrictions that can be placed on homeowners’ ability to use their property. Important information on the potential benefits of solar to both homeowners and HOAs is also provided.

Those benefits may include:

Benefits of solar panels to homeowners     Utility bill savings
Benefits of solar panels to homeowners     Increased property values
Benefits of solar panels to homeowners     Roof protection
Benefits of solar panels to homeowners     Added resiliency to homes from energy outages when paired with battery backup

Homeowners should first educate and work with their HOAs. When that process does not result in the desired outcome, homeowners do have legal options available to them. Homeowners should explore all of the available options with legal counsel before deciding to pursue litigation.

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