Appalachian Power publishes RFP for up to 1,000 MW of new wind and solar resources

On January 18, 2022, Appalachian Power Company (“APCo”) published its most recent request for proposals (“RFP”) for up to 1,000 MW of solar and wind resources, with optional connected battery storage facilities. The RFP document states that APCo is requesting “proposals that will result in obtaining up to 1,000 MW of nameplate rated Wind and/or up to 100 MW of nameplate rated Solar Energy Resources.” The RFP also states that, “for Solar Energy Resources, Bidders are strongly encouraged to submit proposals that include battery energy storage systems.” Depending on the results of the RFP, the Company may pursue additional resources beyond 1,000 MW.

APCo is not accepting power purchase agreement (“PPA”) proposals at this time. The RFP states that APCo will publish separate RFPs for PPAs, renewable energy certificates, and energy storage facilities later in 2022. APCo states that, in addition to price, it will consider several “non-price” criteria, including economic development impacts and the use of Virginia-sourced goods and services.

The RFP was conducted pursuant to the terms of the Virginia Clean Economy Act (“VCEA”), 2020 House Bill 1526. The VCEA requires APCo to comply with annual renewable portfolio standard targets. The law also requires APCo to petition the State Corporation Commission for approval to construct or acquire (or purchase the power output from) at least 600  MW of new solar and/or onshore wind resources by 2035.

The RFP document, instructions, and checklists are available online here. Proposals are due by March 8, 2022.

Please contact attorneys Will Reisinger or Matt Gooch should you have any questions about this RFP or the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

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